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The primary role of a tax consultant is to assist their client to prepare tax return and tax computation for paying their taxes on time with optimum tax liability. Our tax professionals have expert knowledge in tax law provisions and tax compliance and they help our client in tax planning and to prepare tax returns for paying their taxes on time and also they work closely with our client to minimize their tax liability.

Our taxation services includes :

  • Income tax return for individuals (Taxi, Rental, Self- employment etc)
  • Corporation tax return for companies
  • Capital gain tax (CGT)
  • Capital acquisitions tax (CAT)
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT)
  • Tax accounting and tax planning
  • Accounting for uncertain tax positions
  • Tax remediation and restatement

Following are the benefits of hiring us as a tax consultant:

Minimize tax liability: Our expert tax professionals are highly knowledgeable about the allowable deductions in tax laws which will help the taxpayers to minimize tax liability throughout the year. Tax planning will help our clients to take correct financial and investment decisions in advance to save taxes on income.

Time saving: There are a lot of procedures for filing a tax return which includes the preparation of financial statements in compliance with the tax laws, tax computation and tax return preparation etc.
Once the draft tax return is completed, it will be rechecked by professionals to avoid mistakes. Therefore, hiring a tax consultant will help you save time and allow you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Reduce cost of non-compliance: We follow deadlines and strictly follow our tax compliance calendar to file the tax return of our client and pay tax on time which helps avoid penalty due to the non-compliance of tax obligations and also ensures that our client avails of all eligible tax benefits.

Accuracy: Our tax professional will help you prepare tax reports without costly mistakes as costly mistakes will result in tax audits or investigations which will give rise to hefty penalties.

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